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Social Media and the video business case

Having trouble convincing your boss, your peers or even your business partner that social media has a place in the marketing mix?

Well the guys at Hootsuite reached out to some well known social and business guys to get their point of view. Pretty compelling stuff for anyone who is yet to believe you that social media is not for kids alone but can drive customer engagement, support customer management, help innovate new products and ultimately deliver more sales. We’re pretty convinced and have been for years…

One for your next team/board meeting. Get it on screen, click play, sit back and let people like Richard Branson, Jeremiah Owyang and Michael Chui at McKinsey do the pitch for you!


[SlideShare] Why LinkedIn is so cool

Saw this and had to capture it and share it. Great content and superb presentation (don’t think I’ve said that before about a Powerpoint!)

The Nativity 2012 Digital Style

Just had to share this. It’s a 2012 take on how the nativity would’ve played out today with all the tech we have.


BrandYourself – new personal SEO platform

Spotted this today and during a period where we are talking to the Masters students on the Future Media programme about their own personal profiles. I’ll be watching this with interest as it seems very versatile and also free to start with.

Clearly needs to prove it’s worth in the long run but for now the initial results and feedback seem very positive.

typical google search results infographic for personal results

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