Google Wave Logo

So on Monday I received my Google Wave invite! Yeh I know I shouldn’t feel special as hundreds of thousands of people did but I can’t seem to find anyone else I know who received on direct. So for the moment I am gonna feel a little special.

That said, I logged in and straight away realised that the essence behind Google Wave is to Wave ‘with people’ so I went straight to the invite section and got some of my guys on board too.

And being a true social media prisoner I also Tweeted saying I would give out some invites to my followers if they DM’d me their email address – seemed only right.

I will write a full review in the coming weeks as will many others but I am going to come at from an advertising agency perspective as the the essence of any good ad’ agency is collaboration. In this way great ideas come to life so with this in mind surely Google Wave should be a godsend to all of us in the agencies?

Let’s see…

In the meantime if you know about Google Wave and just want to see a cool short vid’ about it have a look below. If on the other hand you have no idea what the hell I am talking about and wonder why you have even read this far down the article have a watch too.

As the video states, it’s only captured maybe 3.5% of what Google Wave can do but it’s one of THE most pertinent parts of it that will change the way we communicate today.