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The Sun – The Original Social Media?

Whilst checking out a few sites this evening for some inspiration an ad’ from The Sun caught my eye.

The Sun - Original Social Media Advert

Clearly the red caught my eye but then I noticed #TheOriginalSocialMedia tag. So I checked it out.

Going to the website doesn’t really tell you much – it just asks you to send an amusing or controversial headline to them via the site in relation to the next England match.

How come the latest winner is from Mediacom? And what gives with all the DM’s to the agency types Twitter accounts?

News Internationals Twitter Stream

The penny then drops…loudly.

B2B campaign driving up engagement with and therefore consideration of the The Sun within the media buyers I’d say.

Quite a neat idea. Simple, yet (they hope!) effective which goes to potentially prove yet again that a strong idea that delivers does not necessarily mean blowing all your budget on one piece for the year or falling back to ‘what you know’ even though it’s more expensive.

As the The Sun ad says, The Original Social Media which shows that we have all been doing and creating social strategies for years before it’s claimed Rohit Bhargava coined phrase showing it’s just another channel for doing and saying stuff to people.

The Sun spoofs the Old Spice campaign for it’s 40th Birthday

Nice work guys. This is amusing and all shot in one take – like it!

Not sure my wife would like it but there again I guess Page 3 wasn’t created for her type…female sorts…

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